Carlie Pottington Counselling

Hello, I’m Carlie.


I am a dedicated online counsellor offering my services to individuals in the UK and overseas, time zone permitting. As an accredited member of the BACP with a specialisation in trauma, sexual identity, gender identity, self-esteem, loss, bereavement, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression, I bring 8 years of valuable experience to my practice, supporting clients in their therapeutic journeys.

Hailing from the vibrant and diverse city of Brighton, my upbringing in this unique environment has instilled in me a deep sense of openness and acceptance. This background has shaped me into the inclusive and understanding professional I am today. I hold a strong commitment to embracing diversity and celebrating the individuality inherent in each person I work with.

My curiosity about life’s profound questions and the intricacies of human existence has always been a driving force in my personal and professional journey. I am passionate about delving into the complexities of our shared human experiences and individual narratives. In particular, I am intrigued by how our relationships with our sexuality, gender, and interpersonal connections influence our sense of self. I firmly believe that we are all on a continuous path of self-discovery, constantly evolving and shaping our identities along the way.

My Approach

I offer an accepting, safe and creative environment where collaboratively we can explore what has brought you to therapy. Working from a Gestalt perspective, I take a holistic approach focussing on your relationship with your thoughts, feelings, body, social environment and soul. By paying attention to these parts together we can explore and appreciate the whole of who you are.

Working relationally, I listening to your story with warmth and openness. Together we will bring a greater awareness and understanding to the reasons bringing you to counselling. If you are feeling overwhelmed for example by your anxiety, internal thoughts, low mood or inner critic, we will first look at practical ways to reduce the impact of these symptoms. We will then focus on understanding why these internal processes have developed and explore new ways of approaching these habitual patterns.

The paradoxical theory of change highlights internal transformation can only occur by bringing awareness and acceptance to how you are in the present moment. Modern life can be busy but pausing to give yourself space to reflect on how you are can be healing. Therapy can help you gain a greater sense of belonging, express vulnerability and be truly heard, seen and accepted as you are.

My previous experience includes working at Mind Out an LGBTQ Mental Health Charity providing counselling, mental health workshops and managing the counselling service. Additionally, I provided bereavement counselling at St Wilfrid’s Hospice. I have also partnered with Gaydio and Tide to offer support to their members during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I currently offer counselling in South London at the Body and Mind Centre and Dragonfly Place in Brockley.

“The human heart yearns for contact, above all it yearns for genuine dialogue. Each of us desperately yearns to be met. To be recognised in our uniqueness, fullness and vulnerability”

Hycner & Jacobs



Life can provide us with many challenges, with no guidebook helping us navigate these difficulties. Subsequently, we are all trying our best to make meaning out of a messy and chaotic world. Although the experiences we go through in life are varied and our stories unique, the emotions we all feel are universal; loss, heartbreak, anger, fear, shame, confusion and loneliness to name but a few.

Taking the first step to access counselling can be a scary and daunting process. It takes huge courage to acknowledge there are things in our lives we wish to change. Perhaps you want to improve your well-being, look at experiences from your past or explore patterns in relationships.

Therapy focuses on understanding your problems and barriers. We will explore how you experience the world, to understand the internal conflicts and unhelpful patterns which hold you back. Above all, building a greater sense of awareness regarding your feelings can often be painful to start with, but with gentle witnessing can create a sense of freedom to make new choices in our lives.

Take the important first step towards online counselling and contact me today. I provide a no-obligation free 15-minute phone consultation to explore the reasons behind your interest in therapy. This is to determine if our partnership will be a good match.

Below, you’ll find a list of commonly asked questions to provide you with further insight into the counselling process:




Getting Started



Number of Sessions

This is entirely down to you and how much you are gaining from the therapeutic process. You have the right to end therapy at any time ideally through a planned ending. I offer short-term and open-ended therapy.


All information in sessions remain confidential unless you are a risk to yourself or someone else. I will always endeavor to discuss any necessary breach of confidentiality with you first. To ensure I am working in the best interest of clients, I attend regular supervision where I discuss my work but do not share any personally identifiable information.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and the fee is £70. Fees are payable via bank transfer before the start of the session.

First Session

The first session is a no obligation initial meeting for us both to get to know each other. The therapeutic relationship is key to the success of therapy so it’s important you feel you can work with me. This session is as much about you getting a sense of who I am, as it is about me getting a sense of you.



Get in touch to organise an introductory session…